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The Victory Villa Food Pantry is a ministry that I happened upon nearly 7 years ago. We began with only a few can goods and now are able to offer much more to individuals and families in the Middle River area. Even though the church pantry is only open once a month, if anyone calls the church and we have food, we will supply them with what we can.

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Just over 7 yrs ago...

...the Victory Villa Baptist Church food pantry began. We began with very little, just had enough to give out a few items of food each month, was only by donations that we had that. We would ask the church family to donate can goods, and someone suggested that we should give out milk and bread, that was also donated. And to this day the same people that donated the bread back then are still donating bread each month.  The pantry has a small budget that we are able to purchase milk and we now have someone that donates eggs each month. Just last year we became partners with the Maryland Food Bank so are now able to purchase food items thru them which has been a blessing. Now the ministry is able to not only give out can goods, milk, eggs and bread but also a meat each month. The Victory Villa food pantry is one of a few in the Middle River area, we average between 30-50 bags of groceries that we give out each month. On the 3rd Thursday of the month the Victory Villa Baptist church has a Soup Pot where we give out soup and sandwiches and we also give the guest that come in a bag of groceries to take home. It is a very rewarding ministry, to know that you are giving someone a meal for at least a few days makes you feel good. I've given a bag of groceries to someone that tells me they haven't eaten that week so they were grateful for the meal and for the bag of groceries. There are people that I've seen every month for all of the 6 years that we've been doing this and do try to remember there names make them few at home. So each month myself and my daughter are able to give out those bags of groceries, each month that we see the same people that we've seen over and over again makes the Victory Villa food pantry more meaningful to us. All are welcome to come on those 3rd Thursday evenings, to help serve a meal, help carry a bag of groceries for those that need help, to just come spend time we someone sitting at one of those tables go speak to them, engage them in conversation you will feel great when you leave.


It's a great feeling when you are standing there and one of the people come in that you've seen many times comes over and thanks you. We have one man that has been coming to the church every month for the 6 years and he still brings back the reusable bags that we gave him 6 years ago, that is special.


When we first started the Victory Villa food pantry we didn't have much, we had can goods that we would sit out on a table and allow each person to take a few things. Now we are blessed to be able to give them a whole bag of groceries that includes what they would need for at least a weeks worth of food. It makes me feel good even if only one person tells me how much that bag of groceries means to them.  I do recall someone telling me that they had only been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all month because that is all that they had. So when they saw that we had tuna, soups, cereal, fruit, and other food items plus milk, eggs and bread they were so happy. I was even able to give them a small ham that day.


Thru this ministry and becoming partners with the Maryland Food bank I have been able to make some great connections with the food bank.  They have blessed Victory Villa Baptist with several thousands of pounds of can goods for free.  Just this past month I was also given 36 milk vouchers that I will be giving out to the people that come to the Victory Villa soup pot on the 3rd Thursday, they will be able to go to any store and get up to a gallon of white milk with this voucher.


The Victory Villa food pantry ministry has led me to knowing what my calling is..its giving, helping others.


The food pantry ministry helps out so many people, not only those the we give a bag of groceries to once a month, but others within the church that may need something to carry them over for a few days. If the church didn't have the food pantry they may have to go further out of the community to get a bag of groceries, or they would go without. I feel that no one should be hungry and as long as the Victory Villa church has this pantry and someone calls or ask for food we will be able to help them.


I am Vershell Hayes or Miss V, you can call the church at 410-686-0141 and leave a message and we will get back to you.


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